Leaders in State-of-the-Art Parking

Our garages support local business owners by providing a secure and forward-looking alternative to consumers. We handle over 4,200 spaces in Rosslyn.

Our Mission is to provide an exceptional parking experience to everyone by operating a technologically efficient garage built on customer services and sustainable practices.

We achieve this by:

  • Accurate and timely financial reporting
  • Superior customer service to parkers
  • Premium service to building operators
    and property managers
  • Precise revenue collection and reporting
    using the latest technology
Washington Monument Between Buildings

Elevate Your Space to the Height of Modernization

Elevator Elevator
  • Management Team
    MDistrict Park strives to provide
    superior parking services worthy
    of you and your clientele.
  • Green Technology
    Through 28 different green
    initiatives that reduce emissions
    and traffic congestion, MDistrict
    Park provides customers with an
    Eco-friendly parking experience.
  • Revenue Control System
    MDistrict Park garages have
    proven that technology solutions
    for complex garages exist and
    can be leverage for improved
    revenue control and customer
  • Long-Term Strategic Partnership
    MDistrict Park commmits to a
    long-term view of every business
    partnership and will work to be
    your single-source parking


  • "The parking attendants are very courteous, articulate and take the time to form connections with the tenants. And when it comes to billing, we have always been given prompt and friendly service. They get a resounding 5 stars from me!"
    Stefanie Prelesnik, Capital News Company, LLC and MDistrict Park Client
  • "Everyone has been responsive to our agency's requests, and the offers of help when the attendants see a need or an emergency are very comforting. Since the upgrade of the garage, the lighting has improved and parking in the facility has become easier. Customer service has always been excellent."
    GSA Tenant at 1000 Wilson Blvd